Lottie and Linton in Wendlefield.

Wendlefield is a town near Tackleford. The two towns are intense rivals. In recent years Wendlefield has slumped economically, and now has a single-sheet newspaper, the Wendlefield Packet.

One school in Wendlefield is called St. Clare's. It is unknown if that is the same school Tuan Hoang started going to after leaving Griswald's.[1]

Another notable feature of this town are the 16 nested mini roundabouts known as the Endless Gyratory, the reason for Tommy Binks, the Tacklefordian whose job it was to drive the X90 Tackleford-Wendlefield circular bus, to vow vengeance on Wendlefield.

People from Wendlefield Edit

  • Dixon Lovelace: Originally having had an antiques store in Tackleford, he relocated to Wendlefield and opened a bookstore there, after Tackleford became too fancy for his taste.[2]
  • Brian Miflin: The owner of Miflin Construction, who tried to execute an elaborate plan to flood Tackleford with cursed water, in order to "restore Wendlefield to its rightful position as TOP LOCAL TOWN".
  • The Wendlefield mystery kids: A group of five kids and a dog, who were solving mysteries. Unlike their Tackleford counterparts however, they had to cope with several of their cases having very unfortunate net results. First, Mabel and Tom were devoured by the Great Manifestation, and later Danny was lizardized. The remaining team gave up mystery solving soon after that.
  • Martha Jarvis, a student from the St. Clare's school, who once beat Esther de Groot in the finals of an inter-school debating team competition.
  • The town clerk: Some poor fellow working at the Wendlefield town council. He seems to be really into destroying documents, but promises that "this isn't as bad as it looks".
  • It was claimed by Erin Winters (in a Tackleford Cormorant article) that Charlotte Grote and Claire Little were born in Wendlefield, but this may just be "fake news" intended to influence the election campaign of Desmond Fishman, which the two were running at the time.
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