Walt Beckwith
First Seen (New) Bobbins, 15 Feb 2015
Appeared In New Bobbins

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Gender male
Nationality British
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Species human
Family Mother Amy Beckwith-Chilton, father Ryan Beckwith, aunt Riley Beckwith
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Walt Beckwith is the son of Ryan Beckwith and Amy Beckwith-Chilton. He first appears in the Bobbins of February 15, 2015 ( Amy's pregnancy was shown earlier in Bad Machinery and New Bobbins strips, and featured in the plotline of "The Case of the Forked Road", where, soon after the girls notice her pregnancy (and Shauna gets a part time job at Amy's store, with thoughts of getting into babysitting once there's a baby to sit), a time wormhole causes history to change so that she's not pregnant, or together with Ryan; thus, Walt would never have existed if the girls' subsequent actions hadn't led to a new timeline where the marriage and pregnancy once again were reality.

Walt has sometimes had a varied diet and it's unknown whether the spider he ate was radioactive and might give him powers.

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