Tim Jones
First Seen Bobbins, 21 Sep 1998 (first Bobbins strip)
Appeared In Bobbins, Scary Go Round

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Past Jobs Music writer for City Limit


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Family Stan Jones (Father)

Scout Jones (Daughter)

Peggy (Other daughter, Scout's half-sister)

Van Dyke Jones (Brother)

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Past Relationships Riley Beckwith

Sarah (City Limit Coworker)

Illeanna Godmundsdottir

Unit Daisy

Pets Mr. Tiddles (Cat)
Tupping liberty

Tim Jones

Timothy John R. Jones is an inventor, journalist, mayor, and one of the lead characters in both Bobbins and Scary Go Round. Tim first appeared in John Allison's 'Pumpkin Mystery Theatre' of 1997, as an independently-wealthy '70's styled seeker into mystery', but soon after moved on to 'Tall Tales' alongside Amy, who had also first appeared in 'Pumpkin Mystery Theatre'

At the start of Bobbins, Tim is the music writer at City Limit magazine. An enthusiastic musician- his oeuvre includes such gems as 'Elephant Love' and 'Shaunna ' (no connection with Shauna Wickle, who was probably still an infant at the time) - in actual fact Tim's talent not only pales in comparison to that of his younger brother, Van Dyke, but is in and of itself apparently rather lacking, according to his manager Bryan Bryant. Tim was in a succession of local bands from his teen years onward, some of which had Ryan Beckwith as a member (Tim and Ryan would sometimes fight about what to name the band). For a long time he seemed to be very attached to a mustard-coloured suit.

He has one daughter (Scout Jones) with his ex-wife Riley (née Beckwith), and another child (another daughter, as revealed Mordawwa [1], who later got the name Peggy) with Shelley Winters.[2] Tim's younger brother is Van Dyke (Stephen) Jones. In 1998, he lived at 42 Bright Street in Tackleford, according to Santa Claus. His middle initial is 'R', as shown in Bobbins.

Inventions invented by Tim: Edit

Trivia Edit

Most of Tim's inventions are based upon old notes from his father Stan Jones. Working on them made Tim feel closer to him, probably since after Stan's death relatively shortly after 1996.[4]

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