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Fan-made map of Tackleford

Tackleford is a medium-sized city located somewhere in West Yorkshire (on the shore of the River Tack), and is the central location for most Bobbins, Scary Go Round, and Bad Machinery stories.

Tackleford is part of an eponymous metropolitan borough, which either means that it is replacing one of the five real life metropolitan boroughs of West Yorkshire, or that it constitutes an additional sixth one.

There is numerous information about the towns neighboring Tackleford. Wendlefield is seven miles away [1] (to the east, between Tackleford and the sea [2]), and Wakefield is also in walking distance.[3] Dingham-On-Wharfe, host of an annual pig race for at least 400 years, is presumably also nearby.[4] Likewise Sutton-On-Sea, which is close enough for Tacklefordians to go to work there.[5] Sutton-On-Sea is a coastal town, and in fact, Tackleford itself can be considered to be close to the sea.[6] (Even though Linton once claimed that the distance is 40 miles.[7]) More whimsically, Bloom County was once alleged to be nearby as well. It seems that Tackleford and Wendlefield are somewhere along the A59 road.

An unusual number of supernatural events and beings have appeared in the Tackleford area, including a large number of portals through time, space, and dimensions (or to Hell), as well as various alien invasions and the presence of trolls, fairies, selkies, and the like.

History Edit

Tackleford was founded in 1760, having its grand bicentennial celebration in July of 1960. Since Griswald's Grammar School was founded in 1701 according to its sign, it apparently predates the city it's in. Locomotive steam trials were held at some point in the town's history, giving the place a connection to railway history that was commemorated through the featuring of the Flying Scotsman locomotive during the bicentennial festivities. The ghost train that's reputed to appear on Halloween is perhaps also related to the town's railway history.

Known mayors of Tackleford Edit

  • Egbert Ernest (lived 1798 - 1899), Lord Mayor and "Destroyer of Wendlefield", due to widdling in Wendlefield's mineral spa, and thus turning it into a plague lagoon.
  • Byron DeGroot (1918 - 1920) The first mayor, according to his grandson. (Perhaps as opposed to "Lord Mayor"?) The great grandfather of Esther DeGroot.
  • Arthur Rowley (??? - 1999) Remained in charge for two weeks following his death [8].
  • James Mayor (??? - 2005 [9]) Fought desperately for reelection during his 2005 campaign, but ultimately lost to Tim Jones, in spite (or rather because?) of his assistant Shelley Winters trying her best to support him.
  • Tim Jones (2005 - 2006 [10]) The candidate of the Scientific Democrats in the 2005 election. Was exiled to Wales after losing an invent-off against Prof. Davies.
  • Prof. Dai Davies (2006 - 2007 [11]) Took over the mayor's office after Mayor Jones stepping down, but was stripped of the office himself after an attempt to defenestrate Shelley Winters.
  • James Mayor (2007 [12]) Just like Grover Cleveland, had two nonconsecutive terms. Was also then the last mayor, due to the government having been dismantled afterwards.

Notable Places in Tackleford Edit

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