Susan Ptolemy
First Seen Giant Days Year One #1
Appeared In Giant Days

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Gender Female
Nationality Britain
Occupation University Student, Pre-med Major
Past Jobs Photographer
Species Human
Family Geoff Ptolemy (father)
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Friends Daisy Wooton, Esther de Groot, Ed Gemmel

Past Relationships Graham McGraw

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Susan Ptolemy is a character from Giant Days, living in the same dorm building and close friends with Esther de Groot and Daisy Wooton.

She considers herself the most pragmatic and realistic of the three girls, helping to keep them grounded in reality and curbing their quirky excesses. She doesn't regard her own smoking habit as being in any way inconsistent with being practical and sensible; she can quit any time she wants to, but just doesn't want to right now. She's known for emerging from her dorm room to complain about not being able to sleep. She apparently solved mysteries for the local authorities in Northamptonshire before going away to university.

She has a troubled past with Graham McGraw, who was a childhood friend of hers who turned her down when she wanted him as her boyfriend; he later transferred into her university a few weeks after she started there, and she reacted by putting his picture on the cover of a feminist zine she published pseudonymously, which "went viral" with multi-generational copies being passed around much more widely than she expected. She eventually got together with him, however, only for them to break up again some time later.

At one point she joined the Indie Society, an organization into independent music, and won the presidency over the previous acting president Thom, and also won his car (a 1990 Fiat Panda) from him in arm-wrestling, but since she can't drive, she gave it to Erin Winters, who named it Phyllis.

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