Scout, "inventing" something by touching it with a screwdriver.[1]

Scout Jones is the daughter of inventor Tim Jones and his wife Riley (née Beckwith), and a character appearing in the Bobbins relaunch. She was born in Wales after her parents moved to there from Tackleford in England, due to Tim having been forced into exile.

We first learned about Scout in Scary Go Round, when Shelley Winters gave Riley's pregnancy as the reason why she didn't include Tim in her "Super Best Friends Society", founded by Shelley for the purpose of helping her out during the Super Crisis Quests. Shelley didn't want to send a soon-to-be father into a dangerous and thus potentially lethal mission.[2]

When Scout was six years old [3], Tim made the mistake of leaving her unattended with one of his inventions. Although Tim took the precaution of telling Scout not to touch anything, she quickly found the loophole of touching the invention with a screwdriver.[4] This had the disastrous result of blowing up the Jones family home.[5] Luckily, nobody was hurt physically - but this incident caused a huge tear in Tim's and Riley's marriage. Tim deliberately took the whole blame in order to protect Scout from any feelings of guilt.[6] After Tim having started an affair with Shelley, he and Riley divorced [7], which appeared to cause Scout to hate Shelley.[8] After a brief period in which Shelley managed to befriend her in spite of all this [9], Scout started hating her even more [10] after realizing that the baby Shelley was pregnant with at this time was sired by Tim.[11]

This hatred apparently continued for many years into the future, as the version of Scout from 2032 eventually went back in time and attempted to intervene in Tim's life, and/or kill Shelley, at various times from the 1990s up through the baby shower in 2017. None of this succeeded in making any known changes to history, and in fact seem only to have ensured that things went in the manner that Scount wished to prevent. Upon returning to the future, Scout promptly got arrested for violating the anti-time-travel TARDIS Act, and was being defended by Shelley, who had earlier gotten Tim off on similar charges.

Scout is the cousin of Walt, the son of Amy Beckwith-Chilton and Ryan Beckwith, due to Ryan and Riley being siblings. She also has a half-sibling (a sister, as revealed by Mordawwa [12], who later got named Peggy) that Tim has fathered with Shelley.[13] This makes her nominally related with most of the principal cast of Bobbins and Scary Go Round.

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