The Real Life Webcomic (1st incarnation) Edit

Scary Go Round was a paranormal webcomic by John Allison, running from 2002 to 2009. It was preceded by Bobbins and succeeded by Bad Machinery and Giant Days, which covers Dark Esther's university career.

The Real Life Webcomic (2nd incarnation) Edit

Following the conclusion of Bad Machinery (and a number of strips released under other labels such as New Bobbins), the "main line" of webcomic strips in the Tackleford universe began to be released under the label "Scary Go Round" once again. Officially, strips from 1 Jan 2018 on are considered to be part of this new SGR.

The In-Universe Comic Label Edit

Scary Go Round was also used as the publisher imprint for the line of comics which the Expecting to Fly miniseries was purportedly part of, with "Retro Marvel" cover style and "house ads" and editorial columns promoting various not-actually-existent other comics in the line, such as Mordawwa. (Giant Days #23 reveals that these comics are in-universe regarded as "indie stuff", since they are co-existing with many properties from the real life major labels Marvel and DC.) Characters from several of these "fake" comics have eventually turned up in the Tackleford universe, including Mordawwa (which Erin became when ruling Hell) and Zebus, Warrior Child (who turned up as a student at Griswald's Grammar School).

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