Santa, telling us how to get back from the naughty to the nice list. (Well, apart from actually being nice.)[1]

Santa Claus is a member of the Wee Folk, who is living in a big mansion on top of Christmas Mountain [2], on Christmas Island in the South Pacific. His real name is Rodney, and he has two sons (or "sahns" in his thick Cockney accent), Joe and Terry, who are inexplicably looking like sentient Christmas trees.[3]

He got into the Christmas business in the year 1983, in Romfort in Essex. It seems that he started out as normal Christmas elf, and later inherited the lead position from someone who was looking more like the usually depicted human version of Santa Claus.[4]

This version of Santa also assisted Erin Winters and Eustace Boyce in returning to Tackleford from Svalbard after being dropped there upon being expelled from Hell. Initially they showed up on the "naughty" list due to their former status in the ruling circles of Hell, but upon checking it twice Santa did find them to have a plurality of good and be suitable for assistance in returning home.

Santas other than Rodney Edit

Lacking Rodney's long nose and ears, maybe it was aforementioned "previous incumbent" who was showing up in Amy Chilton's bedroom on Christmas Eve [5], a few years prior to Shelley Winters' and Shelby Winner's visit to Christmas Island in the mid-2000s - or it was a third, as of yet unaccounted for Santa Claus.

Going further back in time, Rodney's predecessor definitely was still active during the late 90.[6] (Interestingly, his naughty-or-nice list was still written on paper, in contrast to the fully digitalized version in Rodney's time.[7])

Totally mystifying, on the other hand, is the appearance of a human Santa Claus in what cannot be earlier than 2010 [8], as evidenced by Krampus' mention of Pinterest, and the (modern style) tablet computer in his possession. Perhaps though, the anachronisms have to be ignored, and this is indeed the "old" Santa at a point in time just before his retirement?

In any case, it was Rodney who was appearing as Santa Claus in the Christmas merchandise sold in the 2010s in Tackleford.[9]

Trivia Edit

Interestingly, even though Santa was living on Christmas Island, it still seemed to be common to send mail to Santa to the North Pole (or rather "N. Poel", in the case of Desmond Fishman).[10] And in the dream Desmond had at Christmas Eve, Santa (or at least Krampus) did indeed receive his letter.[11] If this was not "just" a dream, this may either mean that Santa and Krampus were maintaining a second base of operations at the North Pole, or that the letters simply got redirected. It might just be that, like many businesses, he maintains mail drops in several locations in order to have mailing addresses in those regions. Is there a UPS Store on the North Pole?

Yes Virginia, in the real word, there is... well, there is at least a Wikipedia article about Santa Claus.

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