Riley Beckwith is Ryan Beckwith's sister and Tim Jones' ex-wife. She and Tim lived together for a long time before getti
ng married, and at one point she manipulated things so that Tim lost an "invent-off" and was exiled from Tackleford to Wales, because she regarded Tim's friends in Tackleford as a bad influence. In Wales, they got married and had a daughter, Scout Jones. However, the relationship soured when one of Tim's inventions blew up their house; this occurred after Scout had tinkered with it, but Tim took the blame himself to avoid getting Scout in trouble, and was kicked out by Riley and sent back to Tackleford. There, just as Riley was cooling down from her anger and may have been ready to take Tim back, Tim got into an affair with Shelley Winters, which killed the chances of a reconciliation with Riley and Scout. Later, Shelley was revealed to be pregnant while living in Tackleford with Tim.
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