Rich Tweedy
First Seen Bobbins, 21 Sep 1998 (first Bobbins strip)
Appeared In Bobbins

Last Seen Into The Woods, 2015
Gender male
Nationality British
Occupation Designer for City Limit; eco-terrorist for Eco-Force
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Species human
Family Ex-wife, Illeanna Godmundsdottir

Grandfather, Bill Tweedy

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Past Relationships Amy Chilton

Lisa (City Limit) Shelley Winters

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Richard Entwistle Tweedy is a designer [1], eco-terrorist, and a character appearing in Bobbins. Rich's family includes his grandfather Bill Tweedy.[2]

Rich Tweedy's first appearance was in the very first strip of Bobbins [3], alongside Shelley Winters and Tim Jones. All three were employees of the City Limit magazine during this time.

Looking back to this era in their lives, Tim would many years later accuse Rich of having tried to "sleep with every woman in the office".[4] Rich's romantic ambitions were for example aimed at Shelley, but also at Amy Chilton, who even got noticed by him when she was just beginning to work for the magazine.[5] This particular love triangle ultimately culminated in a jealous Shelley punching both Rich and Amy [6], an event that would later be recalled by Amy as leading to the start of her friendship with Shelley.[7] (Though Amy's memory may be conflating this with an earlier event, which is later revealed to have been the actual start of the two women's friendship [8], and also involved Rich[9]; Amy and Shelley also had a shopping trip together a few months earlier.)

Tim was feeling enough pity for Rich's failures at romance, that one day he decided to build Unit Daisy, a robot that was meant to be the ideal woman for Rich.[10] Unfortunately, this didn't quite work out, and so Unit Daisy seduced Tim instead [11], causing his girlfriend Illeanna Godmundsdottir to leave him.[12] Illeanna's next boyfriend then became... Rich Tweedy of all people [13], due to him comforting her and offering her a room to stay after the Unit Daisy disaster.[14] (This was another point Tim was still bitter about many years later.[15])

When Holly West took over the leadership of City Limit, she fired Rich, in her own words "so hard that he ceased to exist".[16] For a long time, it was unclear if this was meant literally or not, and Rich since then only appeared in the form of flashbacks, photos [17], and insect mecha suit copies [18] - until the day he showed up back in Tackleford, in the Bobbins relaunch.[19] Illeanna by now being his ex-wife [20], he started to flirt with Shelley's sister Erin Winters. He told her that he was working for an ecological group [21], called Eco-Force.[22] Erin later found out that this group could more precicely be described as eco-terrorists.[23] Their goal was to sabotage the Tackleford Big Blast [24], a mass hunt organized by Jesper Bloem, for the purpose of getting rid of the devil bear infestation in Tackleford Forest, which was caused by a dimensional portal.[25] In an attempt to destroy it [26], Rich only damaged the portal in a way that it became way more dangerous.[27] In the end, Rich found a very painful looking death by stumbling into it.[28]

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