Ralph first appeared as the elevator man at the University of Tackleford.

A "friend" of Ryan Beckwith, Ralph is a maleficent little man at the heart of almost anything bad that happens in Tackleford. Not to be trusted!

Ralph encouraged Ryan to raise Shelley from the dead, resulting in her becoming a zombie.

When Ryan became obsessed with discovering the fate of Natalie Durand, Ralph led him to the supernatural agency Eisegesis, which arranged Ryan's one-day pass to the Land of the Dead.

At the culmination of Bob Crowley's attempt to begin the apocalypse and marry Erin Winters, Ralph is revealed to be the devil himself. He was then beaten by The Wogun, allegedly so severely that he would no longer be able to climb a piece of processed cheese. He has not been seen since, and apparently was replaced by Mordawwa as ruler of the underworld.

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