Natalie Durand
First Seen Scarygoround, 10 October 2003
Appeared In Scary Go Round

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Nationality French
Occupation Artist
Past Jobs doll factory worker, Artist, receptionist at RTE, Grim Reaper assistant
Species human, then later ghost, pixie, and Grim Reaper
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Past Relationships Ryan Beckwith

Pets Friend Bat (after his demise)

Natalie Eloise Durand [1] is a former French doll factory worker (from La Rochelle) in Scary Go Round, who met Ryan Beckwith while caravanning in Tackleford.

Scary Go Round[edit | edit source]

Even though Natalie died in the same chapter in which she first appeared, she had multiple appearances is Scary Go Round afterward. She was Shelley Winters' guide to the Afterlife, and later a pixie receptionist at RTE, the broadcasting station the Wee Folk entertainer T. Wogun was working for. After that gig, she got hired as a Grim Reaper.

She also featured in a strange little story drawn in monochrome, which looks like it is either taking place at a time before her death, or after this event, in which she (seemingly) escaped from Afterlife. She was later seen in a new (2017) Scary Go Round story in which she had a house in Mrs. Terry's hidden space, where various inactive characters could be found.

Friendships and romances[edit | edit source]

She met Ryan Beckwith and they had a date for one night. She later died in a fire started by Mrs. Birch's cronies.

She also guided and befriended Shelley Winters during Shelley's temporary stay in the Afterlife.

After Ryan's pet Friend Bat starved to death, ending up in Afterlife too, Natalie felt that it was her responsibility to take care of him.

Ryan did get to visit her in the afterlife, thanks to Eisegesis Supernatural Services.

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