Mother Superior discussing matters with some other members of the order.[1]

St Timothy's Little Sisters of Belial [2] are an order of Satanist nuns founded by Sir Bentine Sellers [3], serving the "kinky minor demon" [4] Belial. Their abbey is located at 48 Jollity Lane, Coward Cross, Tackleford.[5] (As it seems, right next to Eisegesis Supernatural Services: [6],[7],[8]) Their motto is: "Qui cum canibus ambulat, caveat stercorum."[9] (This is Latin and can be translated as: "Who walks with dogs, bewares of the excrements.") In public, they are wearing black and white nun habits and gas masks. The habit of the leading nun is red and white.

During the Sisters' appearances in Scary Go Round, the order was lead by Mother Superior (Rachel Dukakis-Monteforte). Having been given this assignment by The Devil [10] as part of his plan to midwife the Apocalypse (which Mother Superior later claims was also the original purpose of this order [11]), her reign mainly involved reading (or possibly forging) books about prophecies, and sifting "every refusenik, wastrel and soak" in order to find the Pipers Three, three individuals playing key roles in said prophecies.[12]

This however, was met with some amount of criticism by the other nuns, who were missing the old days of "bathing in blood and orgies by bonfire's light".[13] Mother Superior apparently managed to keep the nuns in line by claiming to have magic powers [14], but eventually discontent grew so large that the nuns decided to burn her alive on a bonfire.[15]

Known Sisters: Edit

Mother Superior - alias Rachel Dukakis-Monteforte, a former barmaid and journalism student.

Sister Nausicaa [16] - alias Tessa Davies, Rachel's best friend since long before they joined the order. Like her, she too was once a barmaid and journalism student.

Sister Suppuration - one of the first Sisters to voice criticism regarding Mother Superior's priorities.[17]

Sister Corrupta - allegedly had been turned into a pillar of salt by Mother Superior, but actually went on to work in a Pret A Manger on Stag Street.[18]

Sister Tristessa - participated in constructing the wicker vole for the bonfire in which Mother Superior was burned.[19] She explained that she had been pushed around all her life before joining the order.[20] (Interesting side note: Here she is wearing boots very similar to the ones of Mordawwa, Queen of the Underworld. While this is probably a coincidence from the Doylist point of view, for the Watsonian side one could retroactively postulate that Tristessa might have been aware of either the comic book Mordawwa or even - as the follower of a demonic cult - the actual entity as later embodied by Erin Winters.)

Sister Cloris - a lifelong lover of "comfort food".[21]

Whittler - while Sister Nausicaa was talking with another sister, she called her by that name.[22] Given that the woman in question is shown to be whittling, this is likely her order name (Sister Whittler), rather than her civilian surname. Due to her love of whittling, it is quite possible Sister Whittler is Poppy. Ryan's date from Ballad of the man.[23]

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