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John Allison is the principal creator, writer and artist for the Scary-Go-Round body of work, including Bobbins, Scary Go Round, Bad Machinery and Giant Days as well as several other comics set both in and outside of the Tackleverse.



Fictional Portrayal[]

List of instances where John appears in the comic:

  • In this Bobbins strip, there is a person stating that he is glad that this story is over, while holding up a sign that says: "SORRY, READERS". It looks like this is meant to be the author himself.
  • In this SGR guest strip by fellow webcomic artist Jeffrey Rowland, John (aka The Englishman) is bringing Shelley Winters to life in the real world, in order for her to be his bride. She choses Jeffrey instead.

Selected Works[]

Comic Series:

  • Bobbins
    • Classic Bobbins (The original from 1998 to 2002, the start of the Tackleverse.)
    • New Bobbins (New strips taking place in the old Bobbins era, then jumping ahead into the Bad Machinery era. Thus also known as Bobbins NOW.)
    • Bobbins.horse (Shares the first 13 strips with New Bobbins, but after that continues the story without the time jump.)
  • Scary Go Round (The first spin-off of the classic Bobbins, sharing many characters with the older strip.)
  • Bad Machinery (A spin-off of Scary Go Round, also with some character overlap.)
  • Robert Cop (First comic with no obvious connection to the Tackleverse, featuring a robot cop named Robert Cop.)
  • Destroy History (A spin-off featuring Shelley Winters.)
  • Giant Days (A spin-off featuring Esther de Groot.)


  • Heavy Metal Hearts + Flowers (A retelling of a story arc from the classic Bobbins.)
  • Girl Spy (A story featuring Fallon Young.)
  • Scareodeleria (A story featuring Shelley Winters, Amy Chilton and goblins, reprinted as Chapter 33 of Scary Go Round under the title The Big Broadcast)
  • Ghosts (A story featuring Shelley Winters and Amy Chilton.)
  • Murder She Writes (A story featuring Shelley Winters and Charlotte Grote.)
  • THAT (A story featuring Shelley Winters.)
  • Expecting to Fly (A prequel to Bobbins and Scary Go Round.)
  • Space is the Place (A story featuring Charlotte Grote and Shauna Wickle.) 
  • Human Soup (A story about the Tackleford municipal pool, introducing Terry Tibbs.)
  • MORDAWWA: Queen Of Hell (A story featuring - you guessed it - Mordawwa, the Queen of Hell.)

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