Jack Finch
First Seen Scary Go Round: Goodbye (Jul 28 2009; named in Aug 13 2009)

Bad Machinery: The Short Preamble (Sept 21, 2009)

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Gender Male
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Family Jessica Finch
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Past Relationships Shauna Wickle, Mimi Broussard

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Jack Finch is a lead character within Bad Machinery, forming one third of the mystery solving boys along with Sonny Craven and Linton Baxter.

As some other characters have at some point or other, he once put out a personal zine, but this was perhaps just to annoy his older sister, Jessica Finch, who also attends Griswald's Grammar School.

His father is a ladies' hairstylist, a fact Jack does not like to acknowledge.

Shauna had a crush on Jack early on, and they were together romantically for a time, but decided to just be friends soon afterward. More recently, Mildred seems to be getting together with Jack, though that gets complicated by the fact that jack considers Mildred to be "a dangerous nutter".

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