Iceland has less ice than Greenland, and is more green. This confuses many people.

The version of Iceland found in John Allison's comics has even more to make people confused. Many of its alleged attributes were recounted by Illeanna Godmundsdottir (once the girlfirend of Tim Jones, and later married to Rich Tweedy) and are of uncertain reliability (Tim didn't even believe everything), but a trip there which Tim and Illeanna took together allowed some of the peculiarities of the country to be observed first-hand.

Some "facts" about Iceland:

  • It is ruled by a giant Eskimo, elected every four years.[1]
  • The current ruler (as of 2000) is named Keith.
  • At Christmas, people in Iceland put soup in their shoes for Sunta Nklog to drink, to stop him from eating the children. This is followed by Black Piotr putting coal dust in everybody's bellybutton.[2]
  • Fire was only discovered in Iceland in 1877.[3]
  • The "Flat Earth" theory is still widely believed there.
  • The Icelandic phrase for "Hello and a Happy Christmas" literally means "Stick your harpoon up your backside, you fish-smelling toilet", or at least that's what Illeanna teaches Tim to say.
  • Trolls called "Yulemen", apparently made of snow, wander Iceland assessing whether people are naughty or good, with mind-reading ability. Thinking nice thoughts might help put you on their good side.
  • Leader Keith, the giant Eskimo, gives his annual Christmas speech through a giant robotic brass effigy set in a cliff, preceded by a giant robotic Björk head singing their national anthem.[4]

To find out more about the real-world version of Iceland, see its Wikipedia article.

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