Holly during her stint as editor in chief.[1]

Holly West was a writer for City Limit magazine, and later the final editor in chief before the publication folded.

For a while, she was housemates with Shelley Winters, and the two were good friends.

She went through a phase where she was pretending to be a lesbian in order to get guys interested in her.

Holly became infatuated with Van Dyke Jones, and when he went to the Himalayas to "find himself", Holly followed (unknown to him), but due to lack of mountaineering skills on her part, she got lost and failed to find Van Dyke, or even find her way back to civilisation for a long time. Later missions to find her (participated in by various people including Fallon Young) were unsuccessful, but Van Dyke got lost himself and found a tribe who he taught to play "Loveless" by My Bloody Valentine on traditional instruments. He was eventually discovered by Fallon, and Holly herself was just about to run into them and reunite everybody when the tribe's musical efforts caused an avalanche.

Holly did eventually return to civilisation (and even to Tackleford), but by then she had developed some mental problems which included conversing with an invisible evil twin of herself. With a new, more ruthless personality, she soon took advantage of management upheavals in the City Limit company and got herself appointed to the position of editor in chief, when she proceeded to complete the job of destroying the company which had been pursued for years by her predecessors.

She resurfaced as a documentary-maker covering the Tackleford woods being infested with devil bears, and was last seen running away from Erin Winters, who had appeared as Mordawwa.

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