Hamilton Percy, ready to put a bunch of new drudg- er, esteemed employees under contract.[1]

Hamilton Percy is a shady industrialist from Tackleford, who is occasionally appearing in Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery.

Mr. Percy was the owner of the company Percy Import/Export. (It is not really clear exactly what Percy was im- and exporting. Upon being questioned, he just claimed that he is in the "dream business".[2]) Percy was the only person willing to hire Shelley Winters as his secretary when she was a zombie. (Though probably not out of pity, he just wanted someone who can keep her mouth shut.)[3] This ended badly though - during a golf trip, Shelley's zombie instincts took over, and she began to devour the brain of her boss.[4]

Amazingly, he survived this (according to Tim Jones, because Shelley ate the 90 % of his brain that nobody ever uses [5]), and so he was able to continue his business, a few years later hiring, amongst others, Mad Terry and Eustace Boyce.[6] The conditions they got hired for apparently left a lot to be desired, though. Percy's former employee Shelley checked Eustace's contract, and wasn't exactly thrilled with what she saw.[7]

Percy Import/Export also bought up Hugo Industries, the company of Hugo Rodriguez.[8] This caused Hugo to deeply resent Percy, including anyone who was working for him.[9]

Another company possibly owned by Percy might be Percy Peas. The huge letters on the roof of its factory, spelling out "PEAS + BEANS", could be considered to be a distinctive feature of Tackleford's cityscape, due to being visible across a vast era of the town.[10] Ryan Beckwith was once an employee here, after he left school in 1996, and Tim Jones also worked summer jobs there.[11] It was run in the past by Percy's grandfather, an "old-fashioned industrial philanthropist" who made a point of providing hot meals to his workers "whenever the wheels turn".[12]

Furthermore, Percy was a board member of the Tackleford City FC.[13] This is probably why he also got invited to the party of Yuri Kropotkin, the owner of said football club.[14] He also seems to function as an official sponsor of the team, given that his name is written on Tackleford FC merchandise, like e.g. sweaters.[15]

Trivia Edit

Percy Import/Export changed locations between Shelley's and Eustace's respective employments. At first it was located in an old red brick building.[16] Then later, it moved into a more modern house with a glass facade [17] - the former headquarters of Hugo Industries![18]

If you look closely, you can see scars on Percy's forehead, very probably stemming from his unfortunate zombie-encounter with Shelley.[19]

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