Gibbous Moon, marine biologist and evil intern.[1]

Gibbous Moon is an American marine biologist, evil intern, smuggler, and one of the friends of Shelley Winters in Scary Go Round.

Originally hailing from Oklahoma, USA, and of Puerto Rican descent on her mother's side [2], Gibbous Moon first appeared in the comic as an evil intern in Archie Stanwyck's, Dr. Daniel Petrescu's and Bentley Quorn's lair on Armageddon Island, where she made the acquaintance of Shelley Winters, who was the captive of the three villains at that time.[3] In spite of technically being enemies, the two women quickly developed a friendly relationship, and even escaped from the island together (along with Fallon Young).

Some time later, while Moon was doing marine research at Oklahoma U, Shelley contacted her and sent her a picture of a mer-man known as Desmond Fishman[4], which was sufficient motivation for her to come to Tackleford. There, she met Ernest Cromerty, and they got to know and respect each other during a mission to the Orkney Islands, catching the legendary Kraken.[5] Originally planning to go back home after this adventure [6], Ernest was able to convince her to stay in Tackleford.[7]

Unfortunately, this then led her back to a life of crime, soon thereafter leading a postman smuggler ring together with Ernest.[8] This ended when their schemes were thwarted by Ryan Beckwith, Amy Chilton and Desmond, leading to Moon's and Ernest's arrest.[9]

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