Elodie, greeting a school class in her mother tongue.[1]

Elodie Broussard is a citizen of the town of La Rochelle in France, the older sister of Mimi Broussard, and a character appearing in Scary Go Round and also in Bad Machinery.

She first appeared in Scary Go Round when Eustace Boyce recounted her first visit to Tackleford [2] (during which she also coined Eustace's nickname "The Boy"[3]). Both were participating in a student exchange program between the school Elodie was attending in France and Griswald's Grammar School, and it was shortly before Eustace's return visit when he told this story to Paul Milford. During this return visit, he stayed at Elodie's place[4], and they had an adventure involving a sentient bell and a Wendigo disguised as an Easter Bunny.[5] This ended with Elodie falling in love with Eustace [6] - but unfortunately, this relationship couldn't be pursued further, due to Eustace returning to Tackleford, where he already had a girlfriend.

When she was 21 years old, Elodie showed up in Tackleford again, this time as the French assistante at Eustace's former school.[7] Elodie was still nourishing a fascination with mysteries [8], and once implied to her sister that she was also still fondly remembering Eustace.[9] (Or "Useless", as she also called him.)

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