Shelley and Amy exploring Eisegesis [1]

Eisegesis Supernatural Services [2] is a clinic-like [3] organization that, as the name implies, is providing supernatural services. This includes for example basic seances (for £250) or the "Full Beyond-The-Veil Package" (for £3000), which consists of a one day long visit of the customer to the afterlife.[4] Filled with the desire to see his deceased girlfriend Natalie Durand again, Ryan Beckwith once chose to take up on the latter offer, taking advantage of their convenient financing; it is unknown whether he ever did pay the bill, but perhaps after the staff tossed him in the trash chute at the end of his visit they stopped expecting future payment from him. (Furthermore, Shelley Winters and Amy Chilton seemed to assume that their services also include getting rid of demonic possessions [5], and indeed Eisegesis turned out to be perfectly prepared for a situation like that.[6])

While there is no mention of Eisegesis' exact address within Tackleford, it is shown that the dumpster [7] at the end of their rubbish chute [8] is right next to the abbey of the Little Sisters of Belial [9] which in turn is located at 48 Jollity Lane, Coward Cross.[10]

Known Employees of Eisegesis[edit | edit source]

- Ian, an independent necromatical advisor.[11] Seems to be a creature bearing many tiny purple tentacles, disguised as a human.

- Ashcroft [12], who was in charge of enabling Ryan's visit to the afterlife. (And was responsible for the decision to shove him down the rubbish chute after he had become a "hot potato".[13]) His lips and tongue may indicate that he isn't a 100 % normal human either.

- Vella [14], an attractive young lady (although with noticeable stitching seams around the neck and arms, like Frankenstein's monster) whose job encompasses serving as receptionist [15] and as nurse.[16]

- Norris and Neville [17], two horned guys who are responsible for the security at Eisegesis.

- The "ole greaser" who was needed in the procedure for Ryan's visit to the afterlife.[18] Upon request [19], he got a cup of tea.

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