Lovelace and Amy.[1]

Dixon Lovelace is an antiques dealer from Tackleford.

He first appeared in Scary Go Round, where Amy Chilton, who had just opened the Bric-A-Brac, first met him at a flea market, while both were looking for stuff to buy and resell.[2] Though they at first viewed each other as competition, the more experienced Lovelace soon began to slip into the role of Amy's mentor. (Shauna Wickle would later speculate that there was "maybe more" going on between them. But while there was indeed some sexual attraction, Lovelace actually declined to have sexual intercourse with Amy.) This relationship ended though when Lovelace showed his rather unscrupulous side: After his flunky Dinkle set Amy's shop on fire, he entered it under the pretense of saving Melanie Soap from the flames, but actually was just there to steal the Bunnikins Breakfast Set [3], valuable tableware Amy had acquired under his guidance at an auction.[4] (If it hadn't been for Ryan Beckwith actually saving her [5], Melanie would probably have died due to Lovelace's neglect to help!) After that, he left Tackleford for France, in order to sell the Bunnikins to this country's then president Nicholas Sarkozy.[6]

When Amy met him again nearly ten years later, Lovelace now had bookshop in Wendlefield, because Tackleford had become too fancy for his taste.[7] And even though he acted like a gentleman and told Amy everything that he knew about Tommy Binks [8], he still didn't abandon his more shady methods, as evidenced by the fact that he planned to steal Tommy Binks' cursed pearl, once Amy would have acquired it.[9]

Trivia Edit

He established Lovelace Antiques, his business in Tackleford, in 1988.

During his Tackleford years, he pattered himself after a certain Lovejoy, a character from an old British TV series.

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