Darren Wickle, worrying.[1]

Darren Wickle (called Daz by his friends) is Shauna's older brother (apparently half-brother according to this). First appearing in the Scary Go Round sequence in which Desmond Fishman runs away and ends up staying with Shauna's family, he was not seen again for many years, and was only briefly mentioned in Bad Machinery as somebody who had "gone bad", until he turned up in 2015. It turned out he had been in prison (Wendlefield, managed by Securico) for six years, because of Shauna telling the police about him being in possession of various types of drugs. He is apparently a fan of the Tackleford City Football Club, from the posters in his bedroom (which his mum maintained as he left it for the years he was away).

After getting out of prison, he finds he is in debt to a loan shark beyond his ability to pay, so he turns to crime again, robbing Amy's antique store, Bric-A-Brac, with his friend, Romesh Sengupta, who turns out to have divvy powers (as Amy formerly did) and ends up being the only one of the two who manages to steal something worth any decent amount. Shauna covers for them by not ratting on them to the police or their parents, but gets Romesh to put his talents to good instead of evil by working for the store on a commission basis.

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