Dan and his beloved staple remover.

Dan is a coroner from Tackleford, a minor character who so far appeared twice in Scary Go Round.

Dan didn't seem to take his job very seriously. He was always carrying around a staple remover, for the purpose of faking a snake bite on the corpses he was supposed to examine, instead of determining their actual cause of death. In his opinion, "snakes have had it far too good for far too long". When asked why he did become a coroner in the first place, his answer was: "Chicks. Chicks dig it."

Dan was involved in investigating the death of William Crow, the unlucky friend of Tessa Davies and Rachel Dukakis-Monteforte, who had a mysterious (and lethal) cable-related accident, shortly after Tessa's and Rachel's departure to Wales.[1] Later, he was among the team assigned to perform an autopsy on Lorcan Sproat's father, who was assumed to have been murdered by his own son, but turned out to be not dead at all.[2]

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