Daisy Wooton
First Seen Giant Days Year One #1
Appeared In Giant Days

Last Seen {{{lastseen}}}
Gender Female
Nationality {{{nation}}}
Occupation University Student, Archaeology Major
Past Jobs Girl Guide
Species Human
Family grandmother
Significant Other {{{so}}}
Friends Susan Ptolemy, Esther de Groot, Ed Gemmel, Graham McGraw

Past Relationships Nadia

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Daisy Wooton is a character from Giant Days, living in the same dorm building and close friends with Esther de Groot and Susan Ptolemy. The three girls all started university together. With a sheltered, home-schooled past, Daisy is naive and unworldly, and tends to take things excessively literally, failing to understand irony, sarcasm, satire, or simile. She needs her friends to ground her in the real world. Usually extremely straightlaced, she celebrated her 18th birthday uncharacteristically by getting high on some pills supplied by a new friend, Nadia, who she then unsuccessfully tried to get in a lesbian relationship with. Daisy's later relationship with another girl named Ingrid was longer-lasting, but eventually broke up.

She often plays pool with Ed Gemmel and Graham McGraw.

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