Chilton v. Spelling was a lawsuit tried in the court at Tackleford in 1999. Amy Chilton sued television producer Aaron Spelling for the "emotional havoc" caused by the influence of his characters on her. She also expressed a desire to sue the producer of Ally McBeal for "raising her girlish hopes" in such matters as pursuinig cases of this sort, but proceeded only against Spelling.

Tackleford practices the "right to a speedy trial" more than most jurisdictions, and the case was tried shortly after being brought instead of being delayed for months or years by complicated, interminable formalities as legal cases elsewhere tend to be. Amy's side's strategies, such as bringing a monkey into the courtroom to testify, were not particularly impressive to the court, but the judge nevertheless ruled in Amy's favour due to her father (Len Pickering) being a fellow Brickmason lodge member, and awarded her 1 million pounds.

Spelling would seem to have had plenty of grounds to appeal this ruling, but apparently declined to do so and paid up shortly; however, Amy soon spent this money on hiring Jerry Seinfeld to entertain at her Halloween party, and was back to being broke as she usually was in those days.

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