Bill Tweedy
Bill Tweedy, secretly observed by Rachel Dukakis-Monteforte, Tessa Davies and Erin Winters
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Appeared In Bobbins

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Gender male
Nationality British
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Past Jobs Editor of City Limit
Species human
Family Grandson Rich Tweedy
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Bill Tweedy, grandfather of Rich Tweedy, was editor of City Limit magazine in the '60s through '80s, and returned as acting editor in the early 2000s to replace Len Pickering, who had lost his mind even more than usual. While more rational in general than Len had been, his tastes in magazine article subjects were rather archaic, and so he presided over the continued decline of the publication (a fate shared by many print publications in the time when the Internet age was getting going), to eventually be replaced by Holly West, turned insane by a year lost in the Himalayas, to finish the job of destroying it.

Bobbins 2001 cast page, Apr. 2001: 'Editor of City Limit from the 60s to 1980, Bill Tweedy has returned from the nursing home to edit the tired magazine. Fiery and enthusiastic, except when he's taking a nap.'

Bobbins cast page, Aug. 2001: 'When Len Pickering's brain failed, original City Limit editor Bill Tweedy came out of the nursing home to the rescue, and has been known to manage 30 minutes consistently awake during a working day.

Nonetheless, his reassuring presence was a big relief after Pickering 's maverick, farm animal-obsessed leadership style.'

Many years after the shut down of City Limit, Bill reappeared within Mrs. Terry's secluded street of the forgotten.[1]

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