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Big Lindsay.[1]

Big Lindsay (sometimes spelled Lindsey) is a pupil of Griswald's Grammar School and a minor character in Scary Go Round.

Big Lindsay's first appearance was when she and her best friends Esther de Groot and Sarah Grote were attending a concert of the metal band Dethspasm. There, the three girls apparently got the (wrong) impression that Amy Chilton (who went to this concert together with Shelley Winters) was there to flirt with the band members.[2] Themselves having a crush on the band, the goth girls perceived sexy Amy as a major threat to their romantic ambitions (or at least their teenage romantic fantasies). Thus, the strong and tall Lindsay gave Amy a black eye.[3]

Lindsay and Esther in Giant Days #10

Another victim of Lindsay's violent tendencies was Shelley's little sister Erin Winters, who was in the same school year as Lindsay and her friends. Lindsay, with Sarah as co-perpetrator, flushed Erin's head in the toilet, due to misguided loyalty towards Esther: They saw that Erin was flirting with Eustace Boyce, a boy (well, The Boy) of whom they knew that Esther liked him too.[4] Eventually though, thanks to a growth serum she accidentally ingested [5], Erin got the opportunity to take revenge on Lindsay by paying her back in kind.[6] (And this wasn't even the last time that a girl's bathroom at Griswald's got misused as an "Arena Of Pain"...[7])

On her 18th birthday, Lindsay had her first sexual encounter in a bush near a pub named "The Bully Pulpit", during which her son Gary was conceived. A blue plaque was erected there later.[8]

Lindsay never went to university herself, but she visited Esther there in Giant Days # 10.


In a flashback, Eustace and his friend Paul Milford had a conversation about a person called Small Lindsay. Paul described her as cute (!) and as having dainty fingers.[9] It seems that Lindsay had a growth spurt between then and the Dethspasm concert. On the other hand, Esther once said that Lindsay had been big for a very long time, even stating that she thinks that she went through puberty when she was 9![10]

Lindsay had a brother. She carved the name of Dethspasm's drummer Eric into his arm.[11]

Speaking of Dethspasm, many years later, Lindsay confessed to Ed Gemmel that she didn't actually like this kind of music, and only came along to these concerts for Esther's sake!