Ben Bishop is the founder of Zambian Computing and is once again in charge of that company after leaving for a time. He is also the CEO of SpaceUK, which runs a space camp for select groups of teenagers. He was described by John Allison in a Facebook posting as "a three way DNA mash between S. Jobs, Kevin McCloud and BRANSON".

He is apparently also germaphobic, and has no clue about the behavior of teenagers.

Several people, like some of the inhabitants of Nefyn in Wales [1], and even Charlotte Grote [2], suspected him to be secretly conspiring with aliens, preparing the conquest of Earth. Though Ben vehemently denied this [3], this accusations turned out to be probably true, when he showed the Zambian board an alien lifeform that was very similar to one appearing in a "classic TV show episode".[4] Any invasion plans that Ben and the alien might have had got quickly thwarted though, due to Jordan P. accidentally killing the alien by spilling a taurine containing energy drink over it. (Ben reacted to this by crying black tears, which together with the TV episode referenced, and the similar cries of agony from him and the alien, seems to imply that his body was actually possessed and controlled by another specimen of the alien.)[5]

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